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and Celebrate

St. pete's history

On a mission to keep St. Pete special through historic preservation since 1977.


Do older buildings provide a space for small businesses to thrive? Do historic neighborhoods increase home values? What are the economic impacts of historic preservation in St. Petersburg, exactly? We commissioned nationally recognized research firm PlaceEconomics to find out.

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Celebrating our city’s past is just as important as protecting it. Preserve the ‘Burg brings the community together to learn about the unique landmarks and buildings that keep St. Pete special and celebrate the progress we have made in those efforts. Recognizing our city's past is the best way to celebrate what continues to make St. Petersburg such a special place.

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Preserve the ‘Burg works to maintain St. Petersburg’s incredible sense of place through community outreach and advocacy. On any given day, PTB representatives may meet with city officials, developers, or owners of historic properties to educate about St. Pete’s history and culture and advocate for better preservation laws, place-conscious development, and thoughtful maintenance of our historic buildings.

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Get Involved

Preserve the ‘Burg is successful because of the ongoing energy and support from the community! There are several ways you can help us as we work on our mission to Educate, Advocate, and Celebrate the history that makes St. Pete a special place to live.

Become a Member

Becoming a Preserve the ‘Burg member gives you an opportunity to work with Preserve the ‘Burg to move towards our mission by having fun and education programs. Everyone’s participation continues our commitment to keep St. Pete special!


Preserve the 'Burg is funded exclusively through the generosity of our community. Your support allows our small staff and large group of volunteers to stand up for the history and character of our city. Together, we can continue to accomplish great things.


Join our mission to protect the history of St. Pete and its unique sense of place. Our sponsors are some of St. Pete’s finest local businesses who have demonstrated their unwavering dedication to our amazing community.

Volunteer with us

We rely on the hard work of our volunteers to make our programs possible. Learn the ways you can work directly with Preserve the ‘Burg.