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About Preserve
the 'Burg

For more than 40 years, Preserve the 'Burg has worked to protect our city’s history and keep St. Pete special.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, advocate for, and celebrate St. Pete's historic built environment and landscapes of importance in order to maintain a unique sense of place, enhance quality of life, and encourage economic vitality.

Since our founding, Preserve the 'Burg has grown into the city's partner regarding historic preservation. We guide and shape conversations with our community partners and neighborhood leaders and organizations regarding which structures to save. We also advocate with city officials for appropriate guidelines on the management of historic properties, neighborhoods, and landmarks.

Pinellas stone & paving Co.

Featured Projects

Our Logo

As you walk around St. Pete's historic neighborhoods, you'll notice the sidewalks are made from hexagonal pavers, called hexblocks. Our city has used these pavers for sidewalks since 1914, and hexblock sidewalks have been protected both inside and outside of historic districts, since 1992. These hexblocks serve as inspiration for our logo, and serve as a reminder that preservation is at work everywhere in our city!

Pinellas stone & paving Co.

Areas of Focus

Our advocacy work falls into a few core areas impacting St. Pete’s ongoing growth and development.

Meet Our Team

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