10th Street Church of God Designation Removal Request Denied

August 13, 2021

With a shrinking congregation, the church is considering selling its historic building and applied to remove its landmark designation. The historic structure is the second oldest wood-frame church in the city, and the landmark designation allows a future owner to take advantage of tax and adaptive reuse incentives. PTB spoke out against removing landmark designation and was pleased when City Council last month unanimously voted against delisting. At City Council's request, we are helping the church find a solution that will allow the building to continue as one of our community's historic resources.  

The buyer is an LLC formed for the purchase of the church property. It is controlled by Darin Kucera, part of the Kucera family that owns Kucera Properties, Kucera Properties, a local and family-owned and operated real estate company headquartered in downtown St. Petersburg that manages, among other buildings One Progress (Priatek) Plaza and McNulty Station.