City Approves Relocation of Shell Dash Cottage

February 1, 2021

City approves relocation of Shell Dash CottageOn February 18, 2021 the City Council unanimously approved the relocation of Shell Dash Cottage, after a year-long effort by PTB, Exact Architects, the City of St. Pete, the Campbell Park neighborhood and Waverly Capital, LLC. The relocation was approved in conjunction with Exact Architects' upcoming project to bring affordable new housing to St. Pete. The new housing development will feature the Shell Dash Cottage on its property as its centerpiece. Developers Bob Mayer and Caleb Buland have experience working with historic buildings and are excited to feature the cottage in their new development. Preserve The 'Burg is thrilled the Shell Dash Cottage has a new home where it's history can be shared and preserved.