School Board Meeting Indicates Melrose Clubhouse is Safe from Demolition Currently

June 1, 2020

During the regular February meeting of the Pinellas County School Board, a representative of the African-American Heritage Association addressed the School Board regarding the historic significance of the Melrose Clubhouse. In June, Preserve the 'Burg receives assurance from PCS that demolition is not under consideration. PCS Associate Superintendent for Division of Facilities and Operations, Clint Herbic, stated that PCS desires to “preserve the history of the clubhouse, respect the wishes of the community, and do what is best for the students and Melrose Elementary School." What still remains unclear, however, is whether PCS's ultimate answer will be a call for demolition.Preserve the 'Burg remains involved in the Melrose Clubhouse and is exploring options for protection, potential relocation, or new uses for the building as it stands.